Leaf Wetness & Soil Temperature/Moisture

Soil moisture and temperatures are from sensors burried in the ground at the levels specified

Data collected since 1/1/2022


Leaf Wetness Data (Leaf Wetness is surface moisture on foliage. 0 being totally dry and 15 being totally saturated)

Current Value 0

Ground Level Temperature

Current Temperature 17°C
Max Ground Level Temp Today 17°C
Low Ground Level Temp Today 13°C
Record High Ground Level Temp 23.9°C 12/5/2024
Record Low Ground Level Temp 0.0°C 25/2/2024

Soil Moisture (15cm/6inch deep)
(Soil moisture range is from 0-Wet to 200-Dry/Frozen)
(Saturated (0-10cb), Adequate (11-25cb), Irrigation Desired (26-60cb), Irrigation Needed (61-100cb), Dangerous Dry (>100cb)

Current Reading 34.0 cb
High Soil Moisture Today 34.0 cb
Low Soil Moisture Today 31.0 cb

Soil Temperature (15cm/6inch deep)
Deep Freeze (<-6.7), Frost Line (<0), Too Cold To Plant (<10), Minimum Growth (10-15.5), Optimal Growth (15.5-21.1), Ideal Growth (21+)

Current Temperature 15°C
Max Soil Temp Today 15.6°C
Low Soil Temp Today 15.0°C
Record High Soil Temp 16.1°C 17/6/2024
Record Low Soil Temp 6.1°C 28/1/2024